2020 AOC and Community Foundation of Louisville Scholarships

The Association of the Century in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Louisville has selected the following individuals to receive a $1,000.00 scholarship in 2020. Congratulations to each of these outstanding young men and women listed below in alphabetical order:

Mary Begley – Daughter of MSG Ken Begley- Mechanical Engineering/Chemistry major – Western Kentucky University
Erin Carter – Granddaughter of COL Frank Bland – Data analysis/Astrophysics major – Worchester Polytech Institute
Natalie Coon – Granddaughter MSG Ed Cecil – Nuclear Engineering major – North Carolina State University
Mary Hemingway – Granddaughter MSG Ed Cecil – Psychology major – University of Kentucky
Embry Imorde – Granddaughter COL George Imorde – Exercise Science major – University of Louisville
Marisa Lee – Daughter SFM Jeff Lee – Math/Statistics major – California Polytech State University
Shaun Sample – Son COL Danny Sample – Business major – The Citadel
Caitlyn Shelton – Granddaughter LTC Ron Moss – Accounting major – Murray State University
Jessica Shelton – Granddaughter LTC Ron Moss – Elementary Education major – Murray State University
Elizabeth Tipton – Granddaughter LTC Harold Moore – Astrophysics/Computer Science major – Morehead State University
Erin Ward – Daughter SGT Jonathon Ward – Oncology Nursing major – Brigham Young University